Thursday, April 2, 2015

Old School New Body Review

I recently picked up Steve and Becky Holman's Old School New Body exercise program, designed for folks 40 and above. I was very curious about the f4x workout training system, since I had heard many good things, especially how it's the perfect complement to a healthy diet.

Before purchasing, I was intrigued with Holman’s statement that if you wanted to reverse or slow down the aging process there were 5 things you needed to avoid. Funny, in that the 5 things I needed to avoid were the 5 things I always felt I needed to do in order to stay fit.

Old School New Body

Old School New Body: Reverse the Aging Process & 5 Things to Avoid

#1 – Forget Low Fat Diets - Your body needs fat as a fuel. Holman explains that fats help your body regenerate hormones, especially strength hormones. Fats should not be avoided but embraced. What happens when you avoid fats is you become addicted to sugar and carbs, which makes you sicker.

#2 – Stop the Running and Biking – I been a runner all my life and have run 25 marathons. At one time I felt this was the only way to stay in shape. I didn't realize the damage I was doing to my body, not to mention the time away from family that my obsession was taking. Holman's Old School New Body shows you more efficient ways to get the cardio you need and not accelerate the aging process.

#3 – Stop Blaming Everything on How Old You Are – How many times have you heard yourself say, "I'm getting old." No matter how old you are, you can still gain muscle. Even in your 90s, no joke. The Old School New Body, shows you how to take control of your body and your health.

Old School New Body F4X Workout

#4 – Avoid Dehydration – Water is not only good for you, but it helps to burn fat and suppresses hunger.  Being a runner I was fully aware of the benefits of water but starting pouring in energy drinks and other over the counter supplements. Not good. Drink up to 12 ounces of pure water each and every day and you will see the difference in your looks and how you feel.

#5 – Work Out Less – 90 minutes a week, that's all you need. The Holman's have developed a system designed to give you exactly what you need in a workout killing yourself. In fact in literally minutes you can combine the four exercises they prescribe and you're done. Do more and you not only stand the risk of injury and premature aging, but you also lose out on time that can e spent with family and love ones.

So as you can tell, I give this program an A+ rating. Follow their guidelines, eat sensible and spend more quality time with family and friends and you have the recipe for a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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